construction dispute provention
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Call Paul Smart now on 07921 678751 for a FREE 30 minutes consultation on how to avoid a building dispute with a weekly "health check"

This area of our work is aimed purely at architects, building contractors and subcontractors. Our dispute prevention service provides a weekly "health-check" for each of your projects to ensure that your profits are maximised.

We will ensure the following:

An evaluation of any risk within your

A correctly presented valuation presented
on time and chased through to

A fully substantiated variation account
presented with the valuation - we do not
include ‘say’ figures.

A fully substantiated Provisional Sum account presented with the valuation.

A fully substantiated Prime Cost Sum account presented with the valuation.

A fully substantiated Final Account submitted on date of completion and often agreed before
the date of completion.

We will protect your position in respect of any time delays and of course any resultant cost
thereby incurred.

How is this done? Generally we would need up to 3 hours per week on each contract to carry out the support listed above. Our “staple diet” is to ensure that the profit levels on your live contracts are maximised!

We are fully aware that our work must be financially efficient. We work on the basic policy "right letter-right time" and "off my desk-back on their desk" all designed to keep you on the "front foot".

We ask that you allow us to ensure that each of your contracts is "health-checked" each week and that any corrective measures necessary are dealt with quickly. We will maximise your profits!!

We charge on an hourly basis for the service and will be able to provide you with a firm budget before proceeding. All our time is charged in 6 minute increments (not to the nearest 15 or 30 minutes or hour as is often the case) so represents good honest value and proves to be inexpensive.

Call Paul Smart now on 07921 678751 for a FREE 30 minute consultation on the quickest way to substantiate your Final Account.

95% of UK Building Contractors leave themselves 'Exposed' to their Customers!

We are not thinking about a 'flashing' builder, but the way building contractors on residential projects leave their themselves 'exposed' to financial abuse by their customers, if there is a contract dispute.

Builders are Not Paid to Think!

There are many causes that lead to construction disputes and the big 3 are normally related to cost, time and quality. So often contracts are commenced in a rush, as often the client has not immersed themselves in the planning and visualisation of the project.

TEAM Construction Services

“The health-check and subsequent action that TEAM take each week on my sites really works - our company is protected all the way! Team are efficient and hugely viable!”

Steve Sedgley of Coys Construction Ltd

“We have only recently started to use TEAM’s weekly health-check and our performance and profit have really increased in a very short period of time.”

Max Phillips of Wright Construction Ltd

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COYS Construction Limited

'Steve Sedgley signs Paul Smart of TEAM CS to win Construction Contract Dispute'


Charles Adams Projects Limited

'Dominic Adams of Charles Adams Projects doubles with Paul Smart of TEAM CS for Basement Renovation project.'


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