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We represent architects, property owners, contractors and subcontractors. Our role is to provide a management service for what we see as vital disciplines which often are neglected until too late in the day creating unnecessary stress and negative exposure. We aim to place you firmly in control and to "Keep you in Front".

For private clients we offer a Building Contract Quality Review service. The idea of this service is to help clients correctly setup their Building Contract and avoid the pitfalls of an incomplete or poorly worded Building Contract, which will result in a Building Dispute.

Contract Set-Up

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With each contract you need to have the correct measures and controls in place from the outset. The ramifications of not being "on the front foot" can set you back considerably. We aim to provide a quick and inexpensive contract documentation overview service which sets up your processes for the remainder of your contract providing for clear and smooth monitoring and management.

Key Construction Contract Management Processes

1. Contract Programme

From this you can monitor progress, identify any delays and also control information flow to ensure that your purchasing is carried out in a timely and controlled manner, not last-minute.

2. Schedule of Information Required

You have an obligation to advise the Contract Administrator of any information that you require. This schedule will set out the dates by when the information should be provided. The dates are all set up by the Contract Programme (above) and quite simply, if delays are recorded in you receiving information, then you are likely to have the basis of a claim for an extension of time to the contract. This is a vital document that many contractors fail to provide or maintain thereby adding to delay and potentially leading to financial loss.

3. Schedule of Key Procurement Packages

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This is more of an internal document but provides a useful tool for the Contract Administrator so that both parties can track progress in relation to the key trade packages that need to be ordered in good time in order to comply with the contract programme referred to above. This schedule will readily identify the lead times for placing key trade packages - do you have the information to request quotations? When do you need to send out your enquiry in order that it is returned in good time so that you can place an order, again in good time to ensure that you can commence works on site in accordance with your Contract Programme?

Benefits of TEAM Management

These three key processes (above) are designed to put you "on the front foot" in any contract and you are thereafter able to monitor your progress through to completion and to protect yourself from all matters relating to time delay and of course any resultant cost incurred. If nothing else it will protect you from damages which are often levied in the event that you do not complete the contract by the original or extended contract completion date.

We can provide this service for you at a very competitive cost to ensure that your contract commences on site with you in full control. Each contract will have to be considered on its merits (value, complexity, speed and quality of contract documentation) but we recommend that you invest at this stage to set you up for the remainder of the contract.

We would charge on an hourly basis for the service but would be able to provide you with a firm budget before proceeding.

This is an upfront cost but places you where you need to be!

Contract Project Management

Once the contract set up has been put in place with the 3 associated processes, we can provide a project manager to monitor programme to ensure that the "right letters are sent at the right time" maintaining information flow and dealing with any other matters that arise. In particular we can represent you at site meetings and provide a substantive and detailed Contractors Report addressing all matters relating to programme, outstanding information and health and safety. Let us prepare you for your meetings!

Furthermore as experienced project managers, we can provide you with immediate responses at any time to ensure we "Keep you in Front".


Construction Health and Safety Plan

Health and Safety Regulations file

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You will be aware that the client has a duty to ensure that all matters relating to construction design and management (CDM) have been fully considered and included within the Contract Documentation. You are not able to commence on site until you have fully considered the Construction Plan issued by the client and responded accordingly, explaining how you propose to deal with/mitigate the risks that have been raised. You must deal with this matter expeditiously and we are able to provide this service to you at short notice.

We would charge on an hourly basis for the service but would be able to provide you with a firm budget before proceeding.


Operations and Maintenance Manuals

You will be aware that most Contract Documentation requires you to provide an Operations and Maintenance Manual prior to Practical Completion of the Works. It is often the case that if the manual is not provided monies can be deducted from your certificate and this can be punitive as the cost of the client employing others to carry out such an undertaking is expensive. You could even be deducted damages for late completion.

We can provide this service for you provided that we are forwarded key supplier invoices and information throughout the contract allowing for the timely presentation of the Operations and Maintenance Manual. Furthermore the document is well presented, professional and properly indexed in your company style. Again this keeps you "in front".

So long as you provide the information to us in good time and in good order this process is normally 6 hours work for most small to medium sized projects. We would charge for this service on an hourly basis and we would be able to provide you with a firm budget before proceeding.

This is a good way to finish your project!



We are sure that most contractors have their own supply chain upon which they rely. In some cases the buying for a project can be intense due to its size, complexity or short lead-in timescales. It is therefore prudent to spend time exploring the buying options and where there are large quantities, it is important to gain the obvious advantages.

Furthermore we can send out early enquiries for all trade works and specialist works, chase through the process and ensure they gain the best possible prices for you.

We are good negotiators and will obtain the best possible prices for you and any cost incurred by us will be far outweighed by the savings you achieve.

We would charge on an hourly basis for the service but would be able to provide you with a firm budget before proceeding.

This is an up-front cost but it places you where you need to be!

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