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Call Paul Smart now on 07921 678751 for a FREE 30 minutes consultation on how to end your building dispute

We represent property owners, architects and building companies in the Construction Industry. Our role is to provide you with the correct advice in a clear, concise and timely manner so that you can fully understand your position and your options whether it be during the term of the building contract or within a formal building dispute.

We will prepare your case and in the event resolution cannot be achieved because both parties are so entrenched then we proceed to small claims court, adjudication, arbitration or litigation dependent upon the terms of the contract.

There may be a point at which a Construction Lawyer will need to be appointed and we can recommend several specialists to deal with your form of dispute. At that point you will start to pay a higher rate but TEAM will already have prepared your case, ensuring that you reach your position inexpensively.

You can read how TEAM helped Steve Sedgley Contracts Limited to resolve their building contract dispute by taking the case to Adjudication and winning the judgement. Call us to discuss your specific issue so that we can advise you on your best next action.

We charge on an hourly basis for the service and will be able to provide you with a firm budget before proceeding. All our time is charged in 6 minute increments (not to the nearest 15 or 30 minutes or hour as is often the case) so represents good honest value and proves to be inexpensive.

Call Paul Smart now on 07921 678751 for a FREE 30 minutes consultation on how to end your building dispute.

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“I have known Paul for 30 years and his recent work at TEAM with us has been excellent. Please call me if you need a more thorough appraisal!!”

John Finton of Finton Projects

“When we sometimes have a tricky contract issue I refer to TEAM and so far each has been resolved quickly.”

Jon Elworthy of Tenet Design

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'Steve Sedgley signs Paul Smart of TEAM CS to win Construction Contract Dispute'



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'Dominic Adams of Charles Adams Projects doubles with Paul Smart of TEAM CS for Basement Renovation project.'


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